Coronavirus Experts: Going into Lockdown with Disabled Expertise

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In March 2020 a lot of people had a shock when the UK went into “lockdown” to curb the spread of Covid-19.

But there was one group of people who felt they already the skills to deal with this way of living.

In May 2020 I facilitated two online meetings of disabled people to talk about how the skills we had learned from being disabled were helping us deal with the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown. 

Our stories and words showed that we have many important skills:

  • FLEXIBILITY: shifting, changing, adapting, adjusting
  • STRENGTH and RESILIENCE: coping, managing, working with limits, persevering, creativity, organising, preparing
  • CARE and INTERDEPENDENCE: friendship, connecting, mutual aid, supporting, skill sharing, self care, self worth

We also made each other laugh, and we trusted each other with intimate stories of personal experience. It was a privilege to talk with such amazing people.

CE strength sm

Afterwards I made this zine, including contributions from other people. I hope you find it a useful resource for understanding how we see this crisis, and how we live with limits. I hope you find it a helpful contribution to the challenge we all face, of learning to live together in a world where material resources are finite, but care is infinite

Accessibility: The text is readable by screen reader and all images have descriptions. However some of the articles may not be easy to read if you struggle with literacy.

You can access the zine online here:

You can download the zine here:

(beware it is 20MB because it has a lot of pictures!)

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One response to “Coronavirus Experts: Going into Lockdown with Disabled Expertise

  1. Kate R

    Fantastic work you’ve done there, Clare. Looking forward to reading mine 🙂

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