doing hope: a toolkit for collective renewal

three yellow booklets arranged on the grass in fan shape each with an image of a spiral shaped spikey plant and the handwritten words Doing Hope

Doing Hope: do-it-yourself!

What is hope? I think it’s a kind of faith in action – and we create hope when we take action. So hope is a renewable energy, and we renew it and relight it in each other, through collective action. We create hope by doing, we need hope to act. Doing Hope is committing to being part of that cycle.  See my post on the Quakers’ blog here.

In 2014 I went on a training for activists experiencing burnout at Ecodharma in the mountains of Catalonia. There I began to see that my desire for radical social change and my need to nurture my inner resources are inseparable. As Thich Nhat Hanh says: “Peace in oneself, peace in the world.”

I wanted to find a way to share what I learned with people who might never go up that mountain. I wanted to find a way to enable others to do this for themselves. The Doing Hope workshop, described in this toolkit, is my attempt to do that.

You can download the toolkit as a PDF zine here: Doing Hope toolkit, or as a word document for screen readers here: Doing Hope toolkit for screen readers. If you would like to buy printed copies of the toolkit zine, or discuss facilitation of the workshop – or ask me to run a workshop – contact me at

Much of the work we did was based in The Work that Reconnects, which is proudly ‘open source’ or ‘creative commons’. Doing Hope is an introduction to this wonderful body of work, and my modest contribution to its spread and development.

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