one body, marked

Tattooing T Remiarz

permanent marking


326 < photo by T Remiarz

photos: T Remiarz

There is only one body: the earth.

A tattoo: 396<. 396 is the highest number of parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached during the year I was born, 1971. The numbers and acronyms of climate change – “ppm”, “CO2” – are too abstract to connect to, they don’t seem relevant or real, and this makes it easy to forget or deny how we have permanently – aggressively, violently – marked the earth body through our human activity. And thus easy to forget or deny how we are, in turn, marked and scarred.

In September 2016 we passed 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere – permanently. This is the level that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says is the point of no return, of inevitable irreversible climate change.

This action is a part of the Liberate Tate action Birthmark. Read Liberate Tate’s statement on the announcement that Tate will no longer take BP sponsorship.

December 2013

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