doing Democracy Outside! DemO 2012

DemO 2012 Brighton

DemO 2012 Brighton

The DemO 2012 tour took my participatory theatre of politics Democracy Outside to 6 English towns / cities between May and July 2012.


DemO 2012 Leeds

DemO 2012 Leeds

The weather, the crowds, and the debate were diverse to say the least! The experience showed that democratic debate is not expected in public places, but it’s often welcomed nonetheless. In 2012 there seemed to be a real appetite to talk about stuff, to share opinions. There was often a sense of hopefulness – as if by opening up public space and occupying it for discussion we might reach each other.  I’d hoped that’s what the project would achieve. I always hoped to revive it one day…


Supported by Grants for the Arts and a wonderful collection of Goddesses of Democracy, radical co-operatives, and activists.

DemO 2012 Manchester

DemO 2012 Manchester


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