DemO: let’s do it again!

Demo Manc 2012 Steve

DemO Manchester 2012

In September 2016 I performed Democracy Outside one more time, in Manchester, as part of Loitering with Intent, a festival of psychogeography and creative intervention in public space.

Debate and discussion was lively – the players I recruited in advance performed superbly, from the heart, ad libbing their way passionately and relentlessly through lively and informed discussions about war, peace, justice, art. Two passersby stopped to join in and stayed to the end. Many more stopped to stare, curious – but apparently nervous.

In the four years since the DemO Tour of 2012 public space has changed. There is more wariness about what happens in public space. There seems to be more self-censorship on the part of citizens. There is a miasma of worry and fear about using public space for non-commercial activity. There is a preference to stand and watch.

I worry for our future.

Demo Manc 2012 T

DemO Manchester 2012

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