citizen debate: start where you are

Demo Sheff 2016

DemO Sheffield 2016

What is a ‘Potentia’? A Potentia is something that might just be possible; that could be within reach; that, maybe, you can get to from here – except that you’ll never get there, because it’s always evolving; dynamic; changeable, malleable; subject to human being and doing. Perhaps a Potentia is a process, not a thing. A way to approach possibilities for the future. A way to be together, talk to each other, create together.

(from the exhibition publication)



This performance was a revival of Democracy Outside on the streets of Sheffield, September 2016, as part of Second Degree Potentias: Start Where You Are, curated by Jane Lawson.

Unfortunately, it rained – a lot, but a few brave citizens, ranging in age from 5 to 50+, conducted a mighty discussion of dictatorship, climate change, human rights, and whether when something goes wrong in a country it is always or only the fault of the government.

Demo sheff 2016

DemO Sheffield 2016

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