activist artists: your response is required by law

peace cranes made from census form

origami for peace

Today is International Conscientious Objectors Day.

This year, Lockheed Martin, the second biggest arms manufacturer in the world, and one of the contractors at my local atomic weapons establishment, Aldermaston AWE, has the contract to deliver the 2011 UK Census. As a long-time peace and anti-nuclear campaigner, my conscience will not permit me to collude with Lockheed Martins’ public relations department in trying to make this manufacturer of weapons of war look like a nice corporate citizen with a friendly civic face. So this is my response.

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One response to “activist artists: your response is required by law

  1. oxfordbloo

    I got a reply from the Office for National Statistics remarking on the ‘creative use’ to which I’d put my census form, but saying that as I’d answered some (but only some, I note) of the census questions in my cover letter they weren’t going to prosecute. Meanwhile, other census resisters are already being prosecuted:

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